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Did you ever face the problem of returning from the respawn zone, not knowing where your teammates are? You're fed up with rushing into the field, searching forever for your buddies? In that case, THIS is the right device for you.

The new Motion Tracker MT1268 makes it possible to completely eliminate all the problems that arise from not knowing where your buddies are. The GPS and UHF connections let you find out where exactly your buddies are, relative to your own position. This knowledge gives you an enormous advantage over your enemy - and lets you find your buddies quicker after respawning.

The motion tracker is also ideal for the game mashals and the field staff. The built-in timer helps organize moves or events in the game and the emergency button lets any player call for assistance in case he really gets hurt. The MT1268 also makes it easier to arrange the marshals equally around the field.

All channels can be secured with a five-digit code, which makes it perfect for squad movement control.

The device has a CE marking, which means this device can be used safely in all european countries.

The Motion Tracker MT1268 R.I.S.gun mount is now officially available for sale in Germany.

The motion tracker is now officially available in Germany.

"CE" marking for the Motion Tracker is obtained. The device is now free for sale in Germany.

The first batch of Motion Trackers is being produced and sold in Hong Kong.

The Motion Tracker is introduced to our partner "Redwolf Airsoft"

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